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All dogs like to chew–it’s an tendency. Dog toys can fulfill that ability and even ply some dental-hygiene benefits in the process. “Chewing is normal behavior for bird-dogs, just like breathing and dining, ” says Suzy Smithson, Toys Product Manager for PetSafe. “It has lots of beneficial effects on the teeth if done right, and it helps keep bird-dogs happy and forecloses some destructive propensities that can creep up when a pup is bored.” Get the right toy and it will be one of the pet concoctions you won’t known better you ever lived without.

Of course, some pups like to chew more than others, and some revel in utter destruction. If you’ve got a fur baby who seems to rip everything to smidgens in a minute flat, you probably fantasize the situation is hopeless. We’re now to tell you that it’s not. We be rounded off a dozen practically indestructible dog toys that will keep your pup happy and occupied for the long haul.

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