Remember back when it was promised that Official PlayStation Magazine would host a huge blowout of PS5 sports in its next question( the July issue, going on sale June 2nd )? Well, it seems the digital copy of that issue has now started to leak out. First, the plaster confirmed that it contained looks at 38 PS5 activities 😛 TAGEND

We’re getting a PS5 reveal in early June. It is a 100% now. #PlayStation #PS5 #playthefuture BwlPqdZAlO

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Then screenshots of the internal pages testified the complete list of all 38 tournaments. Curiously, there are no first-party Sony sports on this list, forming it unlikely that it’s tied to the recent reports of an early June console reveal. The issue is available before the reported June 3 PS5 reveal time, and Sony wouldn’t want to tip its pas by having its biggest bulletins spill via examines of a magazine. The listing also has a bunch of previously known tournaments, cross-gen handouts, and ports of current-generation events. There aren’t any earth-shattering exposes or big uncharteds here, and some entitles feel like they were included merely to bolster the list’s large-scale list( looking at you Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield ). Why include anything that’s a big question mark for more than a year after next-gen starts?

Still, the register below presents an superb lineup of recreations now and in the future( some like Bethesda’s Starfield aren’t expected for years) and had indicated that third-parties are eager to come to the table and start talking about what’s next. If the portraits are too small to read, you can click to enlarge. We also have the basic list in verse word below.

PS5 games official playstation magazine 1

PS5 games official playstation magazine 1

A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home -ETA: 2021( 12+ months) -Publisher: Handy Games-Developer: The Dreamerians

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla -ETA: 2020( Launch Window) -Publisher: Ubisoft-Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Battlefield 6 -ETA: 2021( 12+ months) -Publisher: E-ADeveloper: DICE

Chorus -ETA: 2021( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Deep Silver-Developer: Fish Labs

Cygni All Guns Blazing -ETA: TBA( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Keelworks-Developer: Keelworks

Dauntless -ETA: TBA( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Epic Games-Developer: Phoenix Labs

DiRT 5 -ETA: 2020( Launch window) -Publisher: Codemasters-Developer: Codemasters

Dragon Age 4 -ETA: TBA( 12+ months) -Publisher: E-ADeveloper: BioWare

Dying Light 2 -ETA: TBA( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Techland-Developer: Techland

FIFA 21 -ETA: 2020( Launch window) -Publisher: E-ADeveloper: EA Vancouver

Godfall -ETA: TBA( Launch window) -Publisher: Gearbox-Developer: Counterplay Games

Gods& Monsters -ETA: TBA( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Ubisoft-Developer: Ubisoft Quebec

Gothic Remake -ETA: TBA( 12+ months) -Publisher: THQ Nordic-Developer: Piranha Bytes

Madden 21 -ETA: 2020( Launch window) -Publisher: EA Sports-Developer: EA Tiburon

Moonray -ETA: Summer 2021( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Everything is Full of Gods-Developer: Everything is Full of Gods

MicroMan -ETA: TBA( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Glob Games-Developer: Glob Games

NHL 21 -ETA: 2020( Launch window) -Publisher: EA Sports-Developer: EA Vancouver

Nth’O Infinity Reborn -ETA: Feb 2021 -Publisher: Kitatus-Developer: Kitatus

Observer System Redux -ETA: 2020( Launch window) -Publisher: Bloober Team-Developer: Bloober Team

Outriders -ETA: 2020( Launch window) -Publisher: Square Enix-Developer: People Can Fly

Path of Exile 2 -ETA: 2020( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Grinding Gear Games-Developer: Grinding Gear Games

PsyHotel -ETA: TBA( 12+ months) -Publisher: Ultimate Games-Developer: Rig Crew

Quantum Error -ETA: 2020( Launch window) -Publisher: Teamkill Media-Developer: Teamkill Media

Rainbow Six Quarantine -ETA: TBA( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Ubisoft-Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Rainbow Six Siege -ETA: TBA( Launch window) -Publisher: Ubisoft-Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Redo! Enhanced Edition -ETA: 2020( Launch window) -Publisher: Robson Paiva-Developer: Robson Paiva

Scarlet Nexus -ETA: TBA( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Bandai Namco-Developer: Bandai Namco

Sniper Elite 5 -ETA: TBA( 12+ months) -Publisher: Rebellion-Developer: Rebellion

Soulborn -ETA: Late 2021( 12+ months) -Publisher: Pixelmad Studios-Developer: Pixelmad Studios

Starfield -ETA: TBA( 12+ months) -Publisher: Bethesda-Developer: Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls 6 -ETA: TBA( 12+ months) -Publisher: Bethesda-Developer: Bethesda

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum -ETA: 2021( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment-Developer: Daedalic Entertainment

The Sims 5 -ETA: TBA( 12+ months) -Publisher: E-ADeveloper: Maxis, The Sims Studio

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 -ETA: 2020( Launch window) -Publisher: Ultimate Games-Developer: Mastercode

Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2 -ETA: TBA( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Paradox-Developer: Hardsuit Labs

Warframe -ETA: TBA( Launch window) -Publisher: Digital Extremes-Developer: Digital Extremes

Watch Dogs Legion -ETA: TBA( 6-12 months) -Publisher: Ubisoft-Developer: Ubisoft Toronto

WRC 9 -ETA: 2020( Launch window) -Publisher: Nacon-Developer: Kylotonn

Of course, the Official PlayStation Magazine list is in no way exhaustive–despite claiming to gather “every game you can expect to play on your brand-new PlayStation 5. ” As have mentioned, it doesn’t include any Sony first-party titles. It also leaves off–to its own admission–games like Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel’s Avengers, and Beyond Good and Evil 2, all plays that are expected to stumbled the PS5. There have also been a number of other confirmations of next-gen claims, such as a PS5 form of Destiny 2, Call of Duty: Warzone expected to get a next-gen upgrade, and Call of Duty 2020 most probably being a cross-gen title.

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