Any dog lover who owns one would literally do anything to take care of his/ her pet. But, taking care of your bird-dog involves a wide variety of things. One of these things is keeping fleas away from your dog. In the unfortunate event that fleas get to your hound, you should be prepared to do all thing possible to get rid of them. It might sound like a challenging task, but truthfully speaking, it is not. So this poses the question, how can I naturally get rid of fleas on my dogs at home? Do not obsess. Here are some home relieves for going rid of dog fleas …

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The most common thing that fleas are not comfy with is the balanced pH levels of your dog. Knowing this, the best option to use is apple cider vinegar, as it will get the job done for you instantly. Apple cider does this by creating an acidic environment on the outside body of your pup. At the same time, it offsets the alkalinity on the inside.

To make this solution for the number of jobs, follow these few steps 😛 TAGEND Ingredients Apple Cider Vinegar Warm Water Salt Spray Bottle


Measure six ounces of apple cider vinegar. Include the measured vinegar to four ounces of heated ocean. Supplement 1/4 teaspoon of salt as you stimulate the entire mixture. After that, pour the answer into a spraying bottle. Shake the answer in the bottle properly for 2-3 minutes. At this degree, you have a natural flea soak for your bird-dog in a scatter bottle. Merely scatter the mixture all over your dog.

2. Lemon Spray

Getting rid of dog fleas can be a bit tricky, but lemon is also an excellent item to use when trying to achieve successful solutions. Make a solution using the lemon juice and sea and cause it stay overnight. Spray on every one of the purposes of your bird-dog, and fleas will plummet to the ground.

Flea removal rectifies for your dog go just beyond, remove any fleas from his/ her body. It likewise implies been assured that your dog’s parts are free from fleas. Lemon also comes in handy in this sector. Flea infested pieces can easily be treated by lemon spray. Make sure you spray every bedding, piece of furniture, and any other thing that the dog implements regularly. All that is left after this is cleaning up the surface where the fleas have fallen.

However, take note when using robot vacuum cleaners, there are some things you need to take seriously. One of them is the robot vacuum filters. Make sure that after every implement, you scavenge the filter so that it naturalness your work next time you need to clean your floor that has dead fleas.

Keep Your Yard Free From Fleas

Removing fleas from your dog’s body is good, but it needs to go hand in hand with preventing your ground free from dog fleas. Expending Diatomaceous dirt is a great way of doing so. When you get a hold of this substance, disperse it on every one of the purposes of the yard that you think fleas are obstructing. Diatomaceous contains silica which sucks insects like fleas, cools them out, and then kills them.

Another effective behavior of preventing your ground free from fleas is keeping your ground shade-free as much as possible. Fleas do not cherished the daylight. By reducing shade cover, you give more light into the yard, and the dog fleas have no region to stay/ hide.


I hope your questions like, what kills bird-dog fleas instantly, and my bird-dog has fleas what should I do in the house, will no longer bother you. To kill fleas, all you have to do is make a lemon solution and spray all over your bird-dog. Warm water mingled with salt and apple cider vinegar too comes in handy in this case. Removal of fleas goes beyond simply eliminating them from the dog’s body. You also need to keep your garden free from dog fleas.

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