The Dude, a military working dog, awaits a CH-47 Chinook during a live-fire exercise at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, May 18, 2020.U.S. Army photo by Spc. Andrew Garcia

Explosive detection dogs gamble everything to keep US units safe from hidden dangers on the battleground. Each of these dogs has a special relationship with a handler who stands by them in combat, often putting their life on the line as well. Insider talked to three US Army handlers and two armed working puppy veterinarians about the highly trained and appraised pups saving the lives of US service representatives. Here’s what they had to say. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more floors.

Dogs are man’s best friend, but struggle makes that special bond to a different level. Out on the front lines of brutal armed conflicts half a nature apart, US soldiers count on their canines to keep them safe from concealed threats and get them back home alive.

One of many perils on the modern battlefield is improvised explosive devices, crude rockets that can be disguised as everything from one of the purposes of a automobile to roadside rubbish, but US explosive detection dogs are trained to find these deadly weapons before adversity strikes.See the rest of the narrative at Business Insider

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