Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI

Visiting Milwaukee feels like coming home. And not only because I’m from Wisconsin. This municipal has a vibe … a affectionate, easy-going atmosphere that frames you at ease, like pulling on your favorite sweatshirt. But don’t get too comfy, because there are plenty of pet friendly things to do in Milwaukee! We’ve spotlit some of our favorites so you can include them to your plans.


Pet Friendly Things To Do in Milwaukee

When you called Milwaukee, compres your accompany shoes and plan to explore the city on foot. It’s the best way to enjoy the hide masterpieces and placid regions that you’d miss zooming by in traffic. Time actually slows down a bit as you pause to listen to the fledglings chirp in the neighborhood parks, or watch the billows crash against the breaker wall at the lakeshore.

Milwaukee is nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan. Once known for its brewing and manufacturing industries, Milwaukee has reshaped its image. In the past decade, major new additions to the city have included the Riverwalk, the Midwest Airlines Center, Miller Park, and an internationally renowned addition to the Art Museum. Likewise, numerous brand-new condo and loft constructs have gone up in neighborhoods on and near the lakefront. And, of course, there still is Harley Davidson to boast about.

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Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI The East Side

Since Rod’s more of an” city hiker ,” we started with a dog friendly route close to downtown. The East Bank Trail guides along the Milwaukee River in the East Side neighborhood. You’d never know you were in the middle of the city as you meander the wild, quiet directions. But you’re just a hop-skip, ricochet and climb from Brady Street, which is perfect for a little window shopping.

East Bank Trail - Milwaukee, WI East Side - Milwaukee, WI

This was our first time to this part of town, and WHAT A FIND! There were hounds all over, and many of the restaurants, coffeehouses, and bars had bird-dog friendly outdoor seating areas. Some of the patronizes even had” Domesticateds Welcome” signals in the windows and spray bowls in front. The obviously have been able to see pet fans feel welcome.

The Lakeshore

Following Brady Street down to Prospect Avenue places you on the way that connects the East Side to the Lakefront. From now you can access Oak Leaf Trail, or one of the many other lines through the common or along the pool. They are more popular, but there’s plenty of cavity, so even reactive puppies like ours can get get the length they need.

Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI Juneau Park Lagoon

For a tail-waggin’ season, honcho over to the Juneau Park Lagoon and have a paddle in one of their canoes, kayaks, or paddle crafts. All the boat rentals are pet friendly!

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Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI Lakefront - Milwaukee, WI

The Third Ward

No trip to Milwaukee is complete until you’ve stopped down in the Third Ward. This former warehouse district is now home to the Milwaukee Public Market and a lively collect of lofts, restaurants, and shops. Connected to downtown by the River Walk, it’s a great place to take a stroll with your dog.

Milwaukee Public Market - Milwaukee, WI

The Wicked Hop is one of our favorite discerns, because the outdoor seating is baby friendly and submerge- to keep you out of the sunbathe or rainwater. They even have heaters if you happen to be there on a chilly day!

The Wicked Hop - Milwaukee, WI Marquette University Campus

It’s always fun to go back to my alma mater and see how things have changed since I was there all those years ago! Of track, some things never modify. The bronze of Father Jaques Marquette, the Jesuit missionary the university is mentioned after, still welcomes both students and guests. Gesu still stands as the iconic represent of colleges and universities. And the St. Joan of Arc Chapel is still lovingly adorned in flowers.

Marquette University Campus - Milwaukee, WI Marquette University Campus - Milwaukee, WI Marquette University Campus - Milwaukee, WI

On this visit we performed era for lunch at Sobelman’s. The menu was great and they were really nice to the dogs. This is one of the only diners with an outside seating area and table service on campus, so we really relished them for being pet friendly!

Marquette University Campus - Milwaukee, WI

Grant Park- Seven Bridges Trail

If you’re up for a bit more exploring, drive south of downtown and hike the Seven Bridges Trail in Grant Park. The park itself is sprawling and presents elegant opinions of Lake Michigan. And the footpath, winding along through a wooded canyon, provides access to a bumpy coast where the pups can sprinkle. It’s a lovely lieu to take a picnic and your hammock for a relaxing afternoon.

Seven Bridges Trail - Milwaukee, WI Seven Bridges Trail - Milwaukee, WI Seven Bridges Trail - Milwaukee, WI Seven Bridges Trail - Milwaukee, WI

This was another great trip to one of my favorite cities in its own country. And we’re already looking forward to visiting again! There are always more pet friendly things to discover in Milwaukee!

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