Alexandria “Ally” Lyons

Source: Kent County Sheriff’s Department/ Kent County Sheriff’s Department

Riots. It’s all we’ve heard about on the news and social media for almost a week now as forthright American protest the injustice of George Floyd‘s murder. Most experiences , no, all seasons when the mainstream media talks about riotings and looters they are talking about Black people as if we have sole proprietorship of unruly behavior.

This is a bald-faced lie from the pits of Hell.

We’d like to introduce you to Alexandria ” Ally ” Lyons. She took to Facebook Live to encourage people to destroy property, steal, and be violent. Harmonizing to MLive, Ally, who should never be mistaken for an ” ally”, has now been charged with countless crimes after witness marked stolen objects, including the beer she imbibed in the live-streamed video, and contacted officials.

Lyons was arraigned Tuesday, June 2, in Grand Rapids District Court on accuses of motivating a riot, culpable by up to 10 years in prison upon belief, and malevolent extinction of quality, a five-year felony.

The 22 -year-old dirty blonde miscreant is being held in jail on $40,000 ligament. Police are still investigating but term is that Ally took photos of herself trying to break a opening at a district build. Cops believe her video was a major instigating factor in the “significant riot” that broke out this past weekend in Grand Rapids.

Just in case you couldn’t tell, Ally is NOT a part of the Black Lives Matter movement. She is a stale soup cookie in a mayo container.

Enjoy jail, Ally.

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