Most dog proprietors have probably been mystified( and maybe impatient) just wait their pup to do its business. Instead of just finding a soft area of grass to go number two, they make a whole practice out of it, spinning in a roundabout before finally squatting. Luckily, the ultimate baby owners’ question may eventually have been answered.

A few theories have circulated on the reasons why hounds might circle before pooping, and most are similar to the reasons they rotate before lying down. Trampling around in a roundabout would drop the grass around, which would impede tall blades from capturing their garbage and stumbling their tushes while they poop( yuck ). Another explanation could be that they’re scanning for serpents and predators before they become entirely occupied.

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But Czech researcher Hynek Burda didn’t relatively buy into those conjectures. Dogs progressed from wolves, which didn’t need to worry much about towering grass. And if they were scanning their environment, saving still to listen and sniff would be more effective than paying the field a rapid once-over. Instead, Burda suggested that dogs invent to get a feel for the Earth’s magnetic gather. Now are 16 more rooms your pup is smarter than you think.

The Earth has a magnetic field around it protect children from radiation from cavity, and some animals seem to use it to get a sense of where its North and South poles are. For speciman, it’s how fledglings know which direction to migrate. In 2013, Burda publicized a study in the journal Frontiers in Zoology suggesting puppies have a strong internal compass, extremely. He and his crew expend two years watching 70 pups turd and pis and recording which nature they faced and how strong the magnetic field was.( And when they’re done, this is why bird-dogs kick up the lawn after they pee .)

As it turns out, when the magnetic field was appease( which it is a matter of 20 percent of the time when it’s light out ), dogs preferred to poop facing either north or south. When the magnetic field was less stable, they faced any ol’ way. The pattern couldn’t explain why dogs like facing the Earth’s poles, but the researchers think it might help them remember where they commemorated their territory. “Doing so, and/ or gauging his magnetic compass, is probably easier for him when being aligned with the magnetic field, ” Burda told the Washington Post. Never lose your pet again with these well-rated pet GPS engineerings.

If they can remember which direction they were facing, they might find it easier to find that spot again. So before you roll your eyes when your pup takes ages to do his business, remember that Fido might just be coming technical about his potty place. For more eerie puppy garbs, check out the 12 mysteries your dog’s tail is trying to tell you.

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