Top 5 Dog Friendly Hiking Spots in San Francisco from the Pet Travel Experts at

Cities were generally be intimidating to beings and pets. But if you are visiting San Francisco, the fabled cloud city by the bay, rest assured that you and your pooch will have a “paw”some time. Not merely does San Fran have pup friendly parks, diners, storages and hotels, it has some amazing hiking recognizes- right in the middle of the city! We’re giving you the inside scoop on our five favorite bird-dog friendly hiking discerns, all of which we’ve explored with Babu, our furry bundle of joy.

Top 5 Dog Friendly Hiking Spots in San Francisco from the Pet Travel Experts at

Dog Friendly Hiking in San Francisco 1. Mount Davidson Park

Located in the placid neighborhood of Diamond Heights, Mt. Davidson Park offers acres of greenery at 938 hoofs- the most prominent natural spot in the town. Add a shroud of gloom that is generally hangs around the eucalyptus trees, and you will find yourself transported to a “Lord of the Rings” type forest, mysterious and charming.

There are many dog friendly hiking courses and formerly you are going to the surface, “youre going to be” honored with a impressive viewpoint of the city. Below you’ll see sequences of the candy-colored homes that move San Francisco prominent. A 103 -foot towering material cross cries through the fog at the awfully summit of the common, adding to the mystery.

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Babu the dog scrambling up a dog friendly hiking trail in San Francisco, CA 2. Mt. Sutro Open Space Reserve

Mt. Sutro Open Reserve is one of San Francisco’s the best continued mysteries. With one of the trailheads lying between two homes at 17 th and Stanyan Streets in Cole Valley, it’s easy to miss!

This meandering, bird-dog friendly hiking footpath will make you right through the earmark, a 61 -acre ecological haven maintained by the neighboring University of California- San Francisco. Filled with dense botany and tall trees, it’s shady trails are a hiker’s delight on both sunny and foggy days.

Dog Friendly Hiking in San Francisco, CA

3. Bernal Hills

San Francisco’s favorite hillock is located in the Bernal Heights neighborhood. It’s a terrific plaza to burn those quadruplets as you huff and puff up the sloping terrain with your pooch. The near 360 severity panorama of the town will make all the soreness melt away as you reach the top. Stop to enjoy view and cooling down as the soothing breath touches your face.

Bernal Hills is another extremely dog friendly residence, and leash-free pups often play together at the particularly top. Be sure to take your camera on this great hike with one of the best considers of the town!

Dog Friendly Hiking in San Francisco, CA 4. Presidio

You can’t talk about dog friendly hiking in San Francisco without including the Presidio. Once a military outpost for the city, the Presidio leads to the Golden Gate Bridge and is home to several bird-dog friendly trails. This is also where you’ll encounter Baker Beach- the local puppies’ favorite blot of sand.

You can start your drop-off into the hiking trail from Inspiration point. Or better still, follow signalings for the Batteries to Bluffs Trail that will reveal spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. The hiking is reasonably tireless with some areas having engulf paces or loose cliffs, so please wear appropriate hiking gear.

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Dog Friendly Hiking in San Francisco, CA 5. Grand View Park

As the reputation suggests, Grand View park in Inner Sunset offers a sublime prognosi of the town skyline, Sutro Tower, the shimmering waters of the Pacific, and the Golden Gate Bridge. But what impels the hike to the top so fascinating are the stairs( 16 th Street and Moraga Avenue) had contributed to it. Totally covered in colored tiles, the stairway was constructed and is maintained by the neighborhood community.

The mosaic motifs on the stairs are not only breathtaking and intricate, but too radiate in the dark, moving them even more enchanting at darknes. This is another fun-filled hiking adventure for you and your pup, and the photo-ops are terrific on the most wonderful stairs around! Don’t forget to bring a case- things get moderately windy on the top.

Dog Friendly Hiking in San Francisco, CA

I hope you’ll try a few of our favorite puppy friendly hiking courses in San Francisco when you’re visiting my city with your friend! If there’s one you specially experience, satisfy share it in the comments!

About the Author: Paroma Chakravarty is a scientist by daytime, and blogger by night, who lives in the beautiful metropoli of San Francisco with her husband and their Tibetan spaniel mix, Babu. She records their undertakings plus dining events and her traveling travails on her blog,, Facebook, and Instagram. All photos in this post belong to Paroma.

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