For many breeders and catchers the most important piece of equipment in their wardrobe is the Ruffwear Knot Collar. It is functional and efficient for almost every environment. The best collar is one that is used frequently and properly. The Ruffwear Knot Collar fits this description perfectly. Made with the same high quality materials used in our traditional collars, this modern collar is stylish, durable and comfortable.

The Ruffwear Knot Collar is a high-quality, low-magnification, flat-style quick ring collar. Constructed with our patented Thermo Pro fabric, this versatile collar meets the needs of many furriers and catchers. Simple and easy to clean, the Ruffwear Knot Collar is an ideal everyday collar. Stylish, durable and comfortable, the Ruffwear Knot Collar settles easily in both long or short fur and eliminates matting at the seams.

Attaching the Ruffwear Knot Collar to a furline makes it very convenient for any furrier or hunter. This collar attaches easily using our unique Thermo Pro fabric which is lightweight and comfortable. The anodized aluminum Quick Ring Attachment Point provides a secure leash attachment point, which is easily adjustable. For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, the ruffwear knot collar features a fabric covered quick ring clasp with anodized aluminum housing. A leather flap extends from the interior to cover the collar and acts as an attachment point for the leash. This double exterior quick ring clasp offers a secure fit.

Ruffle-style fishermen knots are designed to cover large or small dogs ruffle style, with the softness and comfort of fleece. The ruffle collar is ideal for small breeds as well as large dogs. Large breed dogs may have trouble adjusting to the collar’s soft feel, so we recommend this collar for ruffruff-type breeds. The exterior is designed with two Velcro points to secure the handle.

Our Low Profile Rufflewear Knot Collar is designed to be worn with our fleece lined Thermo Pro dog sweater. The collar is also great for other cold weather pursuits including ice fishing and winter hiking. The ruffle design and Low Profile design provides superb versatility and comfort for small, medium and large dogs with a medium to full-size ruffle. The Low Profile design provides a secure fit with our special Thermo Pro fabric. The low-profile design eliminates a bulky flat buckle collar that often digs into soft skin.

This climbing Inspired ruffwear knot features a single Velcro strap with an adjustable buckle. The lightweight nylon material is durable and offers the slimming comfort of fleece while maintaining the warmth of a nylon panel. The low-profile design is great for small and medium-sized breeds, while the adjustable buckle offers ease of sizing with our removable buckle system. The double-sided fabric construction is ideal for dry and cold weather wear.

The Quick Ring Attachment Point is our best seller collar because it provides a secure leash attachment with our double-sided tag silencer. The attachment point is designed to hold a standard sized Silencer Tag. A removable snap clip allows you to quickly remove the silencer for cleaning or to use the attached tag.

For the ultimate in ultra-low profile ultra-cushioning, our Thermo-Pro Ruffle Wears Collar is perfect for small to medium sized dogs and cats. The Thermo-Pro uses our double-sided retractable webbing for a secure fit around your dog’s neck. This easy-tear design means that your pet is comfortable all day long. The Thermo-Pro is also a great choice for our climbing-inspired harness and Low-profile Quick Ring attachment points.

The Pro Line series of collars are designed for a variety of breeds including German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers and more. The collar can be easily adjusted for length, width and fit. This means that you will always get a good fit no matter what breed your dog might be. The collars are made with our unique Quick Ring Attachment System and our patented Thermo-Pro design. The quick attachment system means there is no need for needle holes or seams to keep your dog’s harness securely in place.

The Quick Release System allows you quick access to your dog’s harness when you want to take it out of the packaging. The quick release allows you to detach the harness from the leash, making it quick and easy to put on your dog for a quick trip outside. In addition, the harness is completely detachable for washing purposes. The soft Velcro fastener is comfortable and prevents the harness from moving around on your dog. The soft yet durable nylon material also resists ripping and tearing.

If you have never used a collar before, you might find the collar attachments a little uncomfortable at first. However, you’ll quickly get used to how it works. The collar attachments can be removed, washed and reused with ease. There are several designs for you to choose from and each one is specially designed for your dog’s unique features. If you want an even more distinguishing collar, consider having a custom design created especially for your dog. The collar attachments are designed so that you can wear them over any type of shirt or blouse.