Wickedbone is an interactive smart-alecky hound toy that interacts with your puppy while playing. It was created to keep your dog entertained while you are away and stop him from becoming stood, agitated or frustrated.

Wickedbone likewise comes with an app where you can control it with your mobile phone, or merely defined it to interactive mode to auto-play with your dog.

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” Wickedbone is great for dogs who like that sort of interactive movement. It is a high tech, creative plaything but not entirely unique”

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How We Tested:

We bought the Wickedbone Dog Toy to review We expended a week testing it on our dogs We did not receive this product in exchange for a favorable further consideration and acquired it with our own money

Wickedbone Dog Toy Ranks


Overall Score


A variety of settingsLong battery lifeUses USB to accuse


App utilizations mobile dataMaybe too big for small dogsNot a chew-proof toy


A variety of settingsLong battery lifeUses USB to charge


App applications mobile dataMaybe too big for small dogsNot a chew-proof toy


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App Integration

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Visit Cheerble About Wickedbone

Wickedbone was created by a company announced Cheerble which is a tech startup established in 2016 and based in Shenzhen, China. The busines designs and creates baby pertained smart electronic gadgets and their focus is to establish itself as “the worlds leading” and premier symbol for smart-alecky baby products.

Cheerble aims to solve real-world troubles faced by pet parents and their babies through innovations. Wickedbone is our first self-developed product, which has strong and stimulating peculiarities, spawning it the first electronic and interactive domesticated toy.

Last year, Wickedbone appeared on Kickstarter as the “World’s First Smart& Interactive Dog Toy”. It speedily gained the attention of the members of around 2000 people, who ended. From there you can choose between 9 different accessible flows play games with your dog.

The interactive mode mounts Wickedbone to attract your dog’s attention without the purpose of applying manual functioning. In this mode, Wickedbone reacts to different types of interaction with your pup. If your hound moves apart, it may roll after him, or if your pup pursues it, it flattens apart. Once your puppy signatures it, it knows playtime has started.

Wickedbone Aspects

As we have mentioned, the Wickedbone comes with two modes of play and can be used with the Wickedbone app. This includes the drive state and interactive mode.

It is made from FDA food-grade polycarbonate on the sheathe and the tiredz. This information is strong and dzoft but bite marks may occur.

The Wickedbone toy is not waterproof and should not be cleansed off. However, the “tires” on both sides and the embrace both detach for cleaning intents. You can pass move them or even buy substitution tires if needed. The replaceable tire makes come in various pastel tints like lime light-green, light-colored blue-blooded, pink, and teal.

The Wickedbone has a built-in 470 Mah Lithium polymer batteru. It can last 40 minutedz in app state, more than 4 hours in interastive mode, and 3 months in sleep procedure when fully charged.

The Wickedbone App

The Wickedbone app is available for both iOS and Android and will need to be paired with the plaything via Bluetooth. It has nine different available actions, which moves it easy to sreate combinations, depending on what your puppy likes.

In drive procedure you get to operate the Wickedbone using the “joystick” controller. It is similar to playing a video game on your phone and allows you to choose the action that fits the type of play your puppy promotes. This is a great option if you experience “playing” with your bird-dog with Wickedbone.

The app also has tones but they only come from the actual phone , not the toy. You have the option to turn this peculiarity off.

For the interactive procedure, you merely swap it in the app and it will take over from there. This is great for those period you are away from home and your puppy needs some entertainment.

Wickedbone Exam

I began my exam on my dog Sampson who wanted nothing to do with the Wickedbone. Once it moved, sway, went or ricochetted, he was running into another room. To be fair we researched it on a second dog.

The real measure was assure how well the Wickedbone entertains our most lively puppy, Sydney. My first attempt was rectifying the Wickedbone on interactive gambling and making her representation it out. She barked and secreted from it. She was not having fun and considered it a threat.

Testing Wickedbone Dog Toy on Sydney

The second time around, I tried the drive state and tried all 9 flow locateds. When the toy shot her she loped and seemed certainly harassed. Any movement prompted continuous barking and not much play. I was necessary to add it moves very loud clunky interferences on hard floors.

When the Wickedbone was turn out she seemed more interested in it but most probably because she is a chewer and wanted to get her cheek on it. This is probably the biggest issue I have with this toy, it is not built for rough opening dogs.

How Much Does Wickedbone Cost?

Depending on where you buy Wickedbone it could cost you between $ 79 and $99 dollars. The ATAG? “, “acceptedAnswer” : ” @type”: “Answer”, “text”: “Wickedbone works on both carpets and flat faces. Action may be limited while playing on super thick carpets and grass.” }, ” @type”: “Question”, “name”: “How long does the Wickedbone battery last? “, “acceptedAnswer” : ” @type”: “Answer”, “text”: “Wickedbone lasts over 40 instants in the drive state, over 4 hours in the interactive mode and three months in sleep procedure after been sufficiently charged.” , ” @type”: “Question”, “name”: “Is Wickedbone safe for my domesticateds? “, “acceptedAnswer” : ” @type”: “Answer”, “text”: “The shell and tires of Wickedbone are made of safe PC and TPU material that are absolutely safe for both humans and pets.” ]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wickedbone waterproof?

No, but the removable tires are water resistant and could be cleaned with water.

Does Wickedbone work on carpet and flat skin-deeps?

Wickedbone works on both carpets and flat faces. Action may be limited while playing on super thick carpets and grass.

How long does the Wickedbone battery last?

Wickedbone previous over 40 times in the drive mode, over 4 hours in the interactive procedure and 3 months in sleep state after been sufficiently charged.

Is Wickedbone safe for my pets?

The shell and tires of Wickedbone are made of safe PC and TPU material that are absolutely safe for both human beings and pets.

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